Got Weird? Houston's Weird Homes Tour Needs a Few More Stops

Sharon Kopriva's artist's studio is one of the stops on the 2018 Houston Weird Homes Tour.
Sharon Kopriva's artist's studio is one of the stops on the 2018 Houston Weird Homes Tour.
Photo by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

Is your home creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky? Has your personal collection surpassed curated and fallen deeply into the abyss of compulsion or obsession? Then it's possible that your oddities might just be strange enough for the organizers of the Houston Weird Homes Tour®.

This year's self-driving tour sees a return of some of our favorite spots, including Sharon Kopriva's artist's studio, Selia Qynn's secret garden and Sue Shefman's Hippolotofus House, but they've got a few more slots open for Houston weirdness.

So why not give it a try? If your collection of whatever (sorry, hippopotami are covered) has taken over every square inch of your home or garden, or visitors can't look you in the eye because they're so taken aback by your wall-to-wall art, then consider submitting your home to the organizers. Selected homes or offices receive professional photographs, a business mention in media, the opportunity to sell merch during the tour, and the all-important bragging rights.

Plus, it's all for a good cause. A portion of ticket prices is donated to New Hope Housing, a local organization that provides permanent housing with support services for people who live on very limited income.

For information about submitting a home for consideration, visit weirdhomestour.com/submit.

The Third Annual Houston Weird Homes Tour is scheduled for October 6; visit weirdhomestour.com for more information.

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