5 Adoptable Dogs You'll Meet in Puppies For Breakfast Heaven

Puppies for Breakfast will be hosting the largest dog friendly Easter egg hunt in the city with more than 500 eggs filled with doggy treats hidden throughout Historic Market Square Park. The canine costume contest is about halfway through the festival.
Puppies for Breakfast will be hosting the largest dog friendly Easter egg hunt in the city with more than 500 eggs filled with doggy treats hidden throughout Historic Market Square Park. The canine costume contest is about halfway through the festival. Photo by Ray Kuglar
We're not sure who has the most fun at Puppies for Breakfast dog festival: the owners who dress up their pets in cute canine costumes, the rambunctious rascals who get to romp in the dog play area with colorful balls and a kiddie pool, or those who witness that Lion King moment when founder Hector Garcia raises up the winner of the smallest dog contest.

Though it's a fairly safe bet that there will be smiles all around and lots of tail wagging for every rescue dog that finds his or her forever home. Here are five adoptables you'll meet at this year's heavenly event.

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Wilson is actively seeking his forever home. Learn more at
Photo by Angela Moebus
Have you met Wilson? At the age of five this little fella was a heartworm positive stray who made his way to a local shelter. He was taken in by PugHearts of Houston Pug Rescue, but it hasn't been an easy journey. He survived a life-threatening pulmonary embolism and has weakness in his lower back, possibly due to a previous injury. The good news is that today Wilson is a happy, loving and sweet seven-year-old in search of a forever home. According to PugHearts, Wilson's favorite activities include running for food, getting treats, pulling toys out of the toy box, and snuggling up as close as he can to his humans.

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Lucille is looking for a dog-savvy owner. Learn more at
Photo by Tara Sansing
One look at Lucille and you'll fall in love too. This 18- to 24-month-old adolescent bull terrier is still very excitable, but she also knows to calm down if yummy treats are offered. The folks at Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue tell us that she hasn't had any accidents, keeps her kennel clean, walks well on a leash, and isn't bothered by other dogs. Lucille is looking for a dog-savvy owner who will help teach her other commands so that she can live up to her potential as a good canine citizen. The best home for her? One where there aren't any children under the age of ten (due to her size and energy level), and one without cats (it's just a "better safe than sorry" policy). Come meet Lucille at Puppies for Breakfast!

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Wilbur is ready for a forever home with lots of toys. Learn more at
Photo by Adrian Berriochoa
Smart, inquisitive, and fascinated by science, five-year-old Wilbur is playful as all get out. Some of his favorite activities include trying to catch spraying water from the hose in the garden, chasing a flashlight beam in the dark at night, and just living life to its fullest. Wilbur is in the loving arms of Pup Squad Animal Rescue and is looking for a forever home with lots of toys. Wilbur's favorite game is to be chased with a toy in his mouth. His foster mom says that if he has left his toy outside all she needs to do is tell him to go get it, and he will. Isn't Wilbur the best?

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Porsche is looking for her forever family. Learn more at
Photo by Jill Garrett
The report cards are in and it looks like beautiful Porsche got all As in her exams. According to Rock-A-Bully and Friends, she aced the following courses: "She is good with kids, dogs, cats and loves to go on walks as well as curling up on the couch with you. She loves to ride in the car and is so well behaved that her foster momma sometimes forgets that she is there!" Porsche is quick to correct any mispronunciations about her name — it's pronounced Por-shuh — but other than that she's a laid back pit bull and hound mix, about five or six years old, and is kennel trained, housebroken, good on a leash and knows many of her basic commands. Porsche is looking for a forever and ever family and wants to show off all her skills.

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Rascal needs a place to hang his hat. Learn more at
Photo by Judi Fetters
Which came first, the name or the goofy antics? Rascal's foster mom says he managed to get her toilet brush out through the doggy door and into the back yard, where she eventually found it. In between upsetting household chores, this small six-year-old boy (he only weighs 20 pounds) made his way to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas by way of a local shelter. He loves balls and toys but his all-time favorite activity is chasing squirrels and birds, though he's batting .000. Rascal is looking for a forever home but says he wants to be the boss when it comes to food and toys. Who could blame him?

Other breeds available for adoption at Puppies for Breakfast include Heinz 57 mixes, chow chows, German shepherds, miniature schnauzers, pit bulls and so many more. Rescue organizations that are scheduled to appear include: Best Friends Animal Society (Houston chapter), Chip N Snip, Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas, Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Houston Chow Chow Connection, Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston, PugHearts Houston Pug Rescue, PupSquad Animal Rescue, Rock-A-Bully and Friends Rescue, and Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue.

Puppies for Breakfast is presented by Neue Creative, with help from sponsors Kriser's Natural Pet, Natural Pawz, Can You Spot Spirit, Camp Bow Wow and the Downtown District. Each year a local rescue organization benefits from donations (online or at the festival); this year it's going to be a surprise and the big reveal will be documented on video.

And, for those who love to spoil their precious pampered pups, participating vendors are happy to make those dreams come true. Plan a party with The Barkday Planner, buy dog-friendly snacks from Original Woof Pet Bakery or The Great 8, and dress your dog to the nines with attire from Furrever Doggies or Bark N' Bandanas. Humans can nosh on yummies from Planet Churro, Black Market Burritos, Tláhuac HTX and Steel City Pops, among others.

Puppies for Breakfast is scheduled for April 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Historic Market Square Park, 301 Milam. For information, visit Free.
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