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Rooftop Cinema Club Announces First Wave of Houston Programming

Good news for those of you looking to scream "Wakanda Forever!" from the rooftops.
Good news for those of you looking to scream "Wakanda Forever!" from the rooftops. Courtesy of Marvel Studios
Although there are few things as beautiful as the Texas sky, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to watching movies. While there are a few drive-ins left in the world, and more than a few places around town do outdoor movie screenings, watching movies is still a mostly indoor activity. But let it never be said that there aren’t those out there willing to take risks, such as showing movies on a rooftop in a city with notoriously fickle weather. Rooftop Cinema Club is coming to Houston, and they recently announced their first slate of films.

Located on the rooftop of BLVD Place, 1700 Post Oak Boulevard, Rooftop Cinema Club is what it sounds like: a chance to experience some of your favorite movies outside on a rooftop. Screenings are for 18+ only, and tickets will run you a bit more than they would at your average big box theater. The pricing breaks down as follows:

*For $18, you’ll get a lounge seat, described as “one of our comfy deckchairs.”
*For $21, you’ll get the above, plus bottomless popcorn, which, depending on where you normally watch movies, might actually be a not terrible deal.
*For $25 (per person), you can get a ticket for their love seats, for those of you looking to get cozy on date night. This also includes bottomless popcorn.

Pricey to be sure, but this is one of those “you’re not paying for a movie, you’re paying for an experience” things that are all the rage right now, so those prices are to be expected. And plenty of people think they’re reasonable considering that they’ve already sold out screenings of Dirty Dancing and Selena.

The full lineup, featured below, is about what you’d expect from a company doing second run screenings; it’s a Clue away from being the Alamo Drafthouse’s greatest hits, although the appearances of The Greatest Showman and Black Panther show that they’re open to bringing in some more recent hits. It can’t be too long before Infinity War gets booked for this.

Personally, I’m always happy to see people spread the good gospel of Steel Magnolias, and 2001: A Space Odyssey and Halloween are welcome additions to any retro movie slate. The only real disappointment might be The Goonies getting the nod over the superior Monster Squad, but they’re also screening The Sandlot so it all works out in the long run.

Whether the weather plays nice remains to be seen. We all know that October in Houston can mean weird heat or random cold, which means your bag for any screening should include a tank top and a parka just to be safe. It’ll be interesting to see what the rooftop holds.

Rooftop Cinema Club’s October 2018 Lineup:

October 3 – Dirty Dancing (Sold Out)
October 4 – Coming to America (30th Anniversary)
October 5 – Back to the Future
October 6 – The Greatest Showman
October 9 – Footloose
October 10 – Rushmore (20th Anniversary)
October 11 – Reality Bites
October 12 – Dazed and Confused (25th Anniversary)
October 13 – Selena (Sold Out)
October 16 – Black Panther
October 17 – Steel Magnolias
October 18 – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
October 19 – The Birdcage
October 20 – Top Gun
October 23 – Tombstone (25th Anniversary)
October 24 – The Sandlot (25th Anniversary)
October 25 – The Goonies
October 26 – Galaxy Quest
October 27 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (50th Anniversary)
October 30 – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
October 31 – Halloween (40th Anniversary)
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