El Gato is Streaming on Hive View, Giving H-Town its ASMR Fix

Much better than taking a baseball bat to a copy machine.
Much better than taking a baseball bat to a copy machine. Photo by Gwendolyn Knapp
Tired of filling out all those TPS reports? Did your boss just ask you to work the weekend? Did the two Bobs call you into the conference room to justify your existence? Then jump on the ASMR bandwagon and find inner peace by chilling over a relaxing video or livestream.

Only this time, get that autonomous sensory meridian response by viewing the adoptable cats over at El Gato Coffeehouse. It turns out the smart home company Hive has tricked out the Cat Cottage with four of those Hive View indoor smart cameras, catching purr-fectly calm moments where they're eating, playing and cat-napping.

Right now El Gato has about 19 adoptable cats who could move in and out of the camera's view. There's Miss Booboo, Juno, Kalika, Sugar Pine, Mona — she's been there for a while — and KitKat.

There are a few different ways that Houstonians can view the kitties. Sign up for one of El Gato's upcoming events, like the Cat Lover's Book Club (July 28) or the Pinot & Paws Painting Class (August 9). You'll get a super secret password so that you can download a video of your play session with Miss Booboo.

Another way to watch is by following @ELGATOcoffeehouse and @HiveHome_US on social media to catch curated moments on Instagram stories.

Or, become part of something bigger and sign up for an El Gato membership — either the Cat’s Pajamas or the Fat Cat — then, for those who are eligible, every Friday morning you'll receive a unique password to live stream the afternoon feeding, or for watching one of the El Gato events.

But if they've taken away your stapler and moved your desk to the basement, then it's time for something even more spectacular. Just adopt a cat from Friends for Life* through El Gato's Cat Cottage and receive a Hive View indoor smart camera for your own home so you can watch your dogs and cats whenever the mood strikes. As with all promotions, there are some rules, so check with the organizers for all the deets.

"To celebrate every [Cat Cottage] adoption in the month of July 2019, Hive will supply an indoor camera to the new pet owner to help them get peace of mind and check-in on their new pet while away from home."

*El Gato processes adoption applications on behalf of Friends for Life Animal Shelter & Sanctuary in the Cat Cottage. The adoption fee is $95 and applicants will need to complete an application and schedule an interview with an adoption counselor. For more information about Hive visit

El Gato Coffeehouse is open noon to 5 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and noon to 6 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays at 508 Pecore. For information, call 832-968-3006 or visit Additional fees apply for Cat Cottage visits, study/work passes, painting classes, Meowvie Night, yoga with cats and book club.                                                                                    
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