Think You Feel Old? Ben Affleck is 40 Today

It is amazing how quickly time can fly. Just yesterday, Ben Affleck was a little squirt sharing his knowledge of marine life with kids everywhere through the educational miniseries Voyage of the Mimi, and now the guy is over the hill. He reached the top of the hill today, August 15, as a matter of fact. Happy 40th birthday, Ben Affleck.

He was born in California but moved to Boston at a very young age. Despite his current Hollywood address, Boston and Affleck go hand-in-hand, and out of the many actors that call the Red Sox state their home, this guy is Boston through and through. He started acting at a young age and has just kept going. He has performed in at least one movie every year since 1992.

Like any young actor, he has had his missteps, some personally and some professionally, but he's certainly grown up and turned into something of a celebrated actor and director. He also sort of seems like a good guy.

In his 40 years on Earth, Affleck has had quite a career, some of it has been great, some he may pretend never happened. Thanks to the Internet, we can chronicle his entire existence, the good and the bad.

Hit -- Dazed and Confused

Affleck killed it in the Richard Linklater classic as the biggest dick in the entire world, O'Bannion. Affleck spent the entire movie beating the snot out of a freshman with a wooden panel. In the end, he got his.

Hit -- Affleck meets Kevin Smith

Since meeting Smith, Affleck has made an appearance in every live-action movie Smith has created. Affleck can thank Smith for helping to kickstart his career due to his appearance in


and his starring role as the heartbroken Holden in

Chasing Amy

. Affleck also unfortunately played the lead in Smith's flop

Jersey Girl

, which was not the best move for any party involved.

Hit -- Good Will Hunting

In 1997 Affleck and his good childhood friend Matt Damon wrote and starred in

Good Will Hunting

. The film was a massive achievement for the two and garnered them a shared Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Affleck played the wisecracking, blue-collar "Southie" friend of Damon's Will Hunting. Not only did this movie launch Affleck into super-stardom, it also set off a decade of overly dramatic "teacher and student" movies.

Miss -- Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

may have been a box-office success, but man, is it a bad movie. Affleck's performance as the First Lieutenant Rafe McCawley was slammed, and he received his first Golden Raspberry Award (those are the ones for awful performances) for Worst Actor.

Miss -- Jennifer Lopez and All That Came with Her In 2002, Affleck began dating actress/dancer/singer/Fiat driver Jennifer Lopez in what may have been the worst role of his career. As a couple, they made absolutely no sense, and the media hype that surrounded their relationship reached levels of absurdity. They may be 100 percent to blame for the stupidity that is combining couples' names into one -- they were the original "Bennifer." Luckily, he came to his senses, maybe due to the panning he received over their shared film Gigli.

Hit -- Hollywoodland

No one may have seen this movie, but Affleck was pretty good in it.

Miss -- He's Just Not That Into You

No one may have seen this movie, but no one needs to either.

Hit -- Directing

Affleck took up directing a few years ago, and his first feature from behind the camera was the critically acclaimed

Gone Baby Gone

. The movie starred Affleck's kid bro Casey, who shined in the role. Ben Affleck followed his directorial debut with the movie

The Town

, which did not receive quite the level of praise but still gained Affleck many pats on the back.

Hit -- Becoming a Family Man

In 2005, Affleck wed his


(miss) co-star Jennifer Garner, and the two have been going strong since. The couple has three children and, from the perspective of someone who spends the majority of her life reading gossip blogs, they treat their kids like "real people" do. Affleck and Garner appear to be normal parents; their children don't have blue hair or stupid names or wear fur, nor do they have singing careers. They are just a happy family of five who happen to be ridiculously famous.

Happy Birthday, Ben Affleck. Don't put all your money on the Red Sox this year.

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