This New Mad Men Teaser Tells Me Nothing

Today AMC released a tiny teaser for the upcoming season of Mad Men that's cool except that it tells me nothing, beyond showing me party pictures I have already seen.

Does this "Affair of the Year" refer to a really badass party that the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce agency is throwing where Sally gets high for the first time and tells her newly skinny mother Betty that she hates her?

Does this "affair" mean that Don and Joan are finally gonna do it, like I have been wanting since the series began?

Tumblr would explode in an orgiastic display of GIFs. Imagine the GIFs, everyone!

Okay, I see that Pete Campbell has sideburns now, since the show is progressing further into the '60s, which very much excites me.

I mean, Roger was taking acid in season five already, but I was hoping for bushy Anchorman moustaches all around. Soup-strainers.

Remember, Mad Men begins again on AMC Sunday, April 7, with a two-hour premiere. And yes, Art Attack will hold your hand through the whole season.

Or until Breaking Bad starts up sometime in the summer.

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