This Sunday is Tony Awards Night and TUTS' John Breckenridge Is Casting His Vote

Talk about a quick turnaround. Friday is deadline day for this year's voting in the Tony Awards honoring the best shows on Broadway in the past year.

And on Sunday, we'll get to find out who the winners are during the CBS broadcast hosted once again by Neil Patrick Harris. Will it be Kinky Boots? Matilda the Musical? Maybe Bring It On which many people saw here in Houston before it made it to Broadway.

Theatre Under the Stars President and CEO John Breckenridge knows this because he's one of the approximately 850 voters who have to deliver their picks on time. He talked with Art Attack about what it takes to become a voter (he's been one for eight years) and what you have to do to make your vote count.

The biggest part is the commitment. "You have to see all the shows," Breckenridge says, something not too tough for him because he travels to New York City about once a month.

You have to be in some aspect of the business: designers, directors, actions, union members, theater critics and general managers in touring markets like Houston who bring the shows to town on national tours.

"These are really people in the business, unlike the People's Choice Awards," Breckenridge says.

Because TUTS deals in musicals, that's the one category in which Breckenridge gets to vote.

Other than that, there's no specific judging rules, he says, leaving voters to make up their minds based on their own idea of what makes a good show. "There's not a score card. " And the show doesn't even have to still be running - so shows that weren't financially viable can still win an award.

Leading up to the awards program, Breckenridge says a lot of people ask him who he's voting for.

"Everybody asks and you never tell them."

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