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The Thorn And Moon Magickal Market Offers Magic for the Daring

The three witchy ladies behind Thorn and Moon presiding over the Thorn and Moon Magickal Market festivities.
The three witchy ladies behind Thorn and Moon presiding over the Thorn and Moon Magickal Market festivities. Photo courtesy of Thorn and Moon

For the first Friday of the last couple of months, a very special marketplace has been open to visitors who are drawn to experiences that break from the expected and mundane. The people responsible are a creative coven of witches who also run their own occult and magical supply business called Thorn and Moon Magickal Market, and who wanted to provide a unique shopping and social event for magically-minded Houstonians from all walks of life.

“Thorn and Moon specializes in creating hand-blended incense, scented oils, and ritual anointing oils containing essential oils, herbs, and crystal shards. We also make candles for magickal purposes, hand-printed altar cloths, crystal grids, and pendulum mats. All of our handmade items and crystals are available on our online Etsy shop.” says Jessica Anderson, one of the three dynamic women who founded the company along with her partners Dana Dark, and Beth Conaway.

Asked how her company came about, and how they decided to host the monthly meetings, Anderson explained that it was a logical progression.

“Our company, Thorn and Moon, began rather naturally. We were already an established Coven, working together and creating items like incense and herbal blends for our own rituals and spells. Dana had her previous Etsy shop, House of Madame Josephine, and her fragrance line of perfume oils, which had been on hiatus for a while, and we just decided we should merge everything, as a collective, and offer all of our creations to everyone.” As their business began to flourish, the three women began to entertain the idea of expanding to an event that would help Thorn and Moon grow while also bringing Houston’s magical community together."

click to enlarge PHOTO BY CHRIS LANE
Photo by Chris Lane
“Since we don’t have a storefront, and we know so many talented people in the occult and Magickal community in Houston, we decided a monthly Thorn and Moon Magickal Market would be the perfect event to bring everyone together, to support each other, and grow the community. There was definitely a need for this, it’s obvious from the awesome responses we’ve had. People are hungry to connect and learn more about what we and others do. I feel like we are on the cusp of something big and amazing happening for witches and the like in Houston.”

Avante Garden seemed like a perfect fit for the Witches’ Market from the get-go, according to Jessica.

“We knew Avant Garden was the perfect venue right away. I have a good, long-standing relationship with Mariana, the owner. I have held many events there including my wedding. So it was immediately our first pick for the market, and we were blessed to get the First Friday gig.”

Dana added “We wanted to create a stimulating environment for people interested in the things we are to enjoy. A dark, underground social event for pagans and other like-minded individuals. Something fun, where visitors can mingle, shop, and relax with friends while listening to DJs and music.”

After spending some time exploring the Thorn and Moon Magickal Market, I was impressed with the atmosphere that had been created. Dreamlike, with a laid-back vibe that seemed overwhelmingly positive, with a fair dose of gothic darkness… the fun kind; I didn't encounter anything scary or off-putting during my visit. I asked Anderson if she or her partners had experienced any negative reactions from people who might not support an event for Witches or occultists.

“Not yet, and hopefully not ever! I think any opposition would stem from ignorance or fear, and the mindset that anything pagan or witchy is related to evil. Of course this isn’t true. Much of the metaphysical is spiritual and related to healing and positivity. I believe that because we are welcoming and more than happy to share knowledge with others, anyone with an open mind or even curiosity would have a great time at the market. We also try to provide an eclectic variety of vendors so that there is a little something for everyone. We have had local jewelers like Leviticus Jewelry, a local honey farm, Uncommon Bees, local artists, hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns by The Wild Dahlia, and of course many Magickal vendors including ourselves, and the focus of the market is on handmade, artisan wares.”

The Thorn and Moon Magickal Market is definitely a unique event, and while it might not be for everyone, it's hard to see how anyone with an open mind, a sense of fun, and an interest in magick or life’s mysteries wouldn't enjoy their visit. Thorn and Moon, and its spell weaving trio of founders have created something interesting, and plan to continue making the Magickal Market bearing their name very special to attend.

“February’s event brings a little bit darker dive into occultism, with author and guest speaker Michael W. Ford, of the Luciferian Church appearing.” explains Anderson. “We have a guest DJ Detra from San Antonio, and a special guest vendor, Joey Slayne with The Glass Coffin out of Austin joining us as well. February will be a little gothier than the past two events.”

It seems likely that Thorn and Moon Magickal Market will continue to surprise and delight those who are adventurous and brave enough to venture forth on the first Friday of every month. Three magical ladies have brought together a community and created an experience unlike anything else in Houston. There's real magic to be found there.

click to enlarge PHOTO BY CHRIS LANE
Photo by Chris Lane

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