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Three Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Not to be too bossy about it, but if you love fashion there are a lot of blogs you should be reading. But seriously, who has the time to read ALL OF THE BLOGS we should be reading? No one, that's who.

That being said, read these three! That is if you aren't already reading them and thinking, "Duh. I've been reading this blog for years, moron." Like favorite items of clothing, favorite blogs can gain and lose favor in the daily rotation of use; sometimes you lose interest in the writer, and sometimes your life just doesn't feel applicable to their point-of-view anymore. Here's a list of who we are reading at the moment, and why.

Guilty Pleasure: goop

Resist for as long as you can, but eventually you will have to start reading Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle blog. It's just too good. Sure, most of the clothes and beauty products are outrageously expensive, and maybe you don't find a lot of need for a guide to Hong Kong--but why not read about it?

The tone of the website veers between hilariously un-self-aware and actually useful, plus the adorable Max Greenfield (Schmidt, from New Girl) writes for the website and he's objectively great. And for all of the focus on luxury, there are plenty of hidden gems that are affordable. (See: butter London for nails, Nuxe products, and loads of book suggestions.)

As Good as a Glossy: Into the Gloss

Into the Gloss is the perfect mix of celebrity interviews (actors, models, designers, style mavens of all kinds), product reviews, and lifestyle features. The products are mostly high-end, but they throw us a bone with the occasional High/Low piece.

Into the Gloss gets you about as close to the feeling of reading a glossy as you can get online.

Newest Obsession: Wendy's Look Book

Wendy Nguyen's "fashion diary" (as she calls her site) is updated frequently, and she is clearly a talented stylist. This blog has everything: beautiful photos, a likeable voice, and a host of goodies on top of her outfit updates, including YouTube videos. Nguyen's backstory is powerful, and is a recurring theme: she grew up in foster care and is dedicated to juvenile justice issues.

Honorable Mention: Café Makeup & Lisa Eldridge Makeup

Café Makeup

There is no "About" page on Café Makeup, but the blogger is obviously a professional in the beauty world. (Make-up artist-slash-photographer?) Excellent product reviews of makeup, skincare, and fragrance focusing on almost exclusively high-end brands here, so don't come looking for bargain basement

Lisa Eldridge Makeup

She's gorgeous, she's talented, and she has an English accent you can listen to all day long. Lisa Eldridge is an internationally-known makeup artist whose blog is dedicated to video tutorials for skincare and makeup techniques. Her video for a travel skin care regime is a great place to start, and just might change the way you fly. FOREVER.

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