Thundercats Ho! Cartoon Reboots We'd Like To See

In case you aren't keeping up with your animation, beginning Friday, July 29, Cartoon Network will premiere its reboot of the classic '80s cartoon Thundercats. Next week, lucky Comic-Con attendees will get to check out an exclusive screening and chat with the producers. From what we've seen of the "leaked" footage the new show is more anime, less Rakin/Bass-ish. If you thought Cheetara couldn't get any hotter, think again.

There is a lot of '80s cartoon reinvention going on lately: From the T-cats, to the Smurfs movie coming out next week to all those Transformers flicks, why even Gen X slackers Beavis and Butthead are coming back to life.

If Hollywood has officially run out of new ideas, (and they have) why not reboot it all? So we've compiled a list of the cartoons we wish La La Land would take on next.

Snorks With the Smurfs already on the docket, it's only a matter of time until their sea-loving counterparts get some action. If we can bring James Cameron on board, he can mix up a cocktail of Avatar meets The Abyss meets that movie he made this winter that no one saw, throw in a pinch of cuteness and Reese Witherspoon as Casey Kelp, and you've got a Snorks live action movie!


Partly metal, partly real - all awesome. We can definitely see the next comic book movie being based on the SilverHawks. Warner Brothers apparently owns the rights to the series, so what are they waiting for? If they are worried about where to find a real keytar for Melodia to play, they can always CGI one.

Dinosaucers Dear Stephen Spielberg, Call up your robotic dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park movies and make a Dinosaucers film. They are already built and undoubtedly just lying around in your rec room where people keep tripping over them. Put them to good use. Please keep the original theme song, though. Thanks.

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light In our Visionaries reboot, Trey Parker and Matt Stone take the helm and this cartoon, which took itself way too seriously, becomes an animated metaphor for the U.S. government. We really seem to be living in a time when "magic is more powerful than science." Each knight's special power is a different political platform, i.e. a knight could dip his staff into an energy well of... universal health care! The magic knights would be the Dems Vs. the Republicans - it's up to you to decide which are the Spectral Knights and which are the Darkling Lords.

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego Naturally, if there were to be a live action version of Carmen Sandiego, Angelina Jolie would play Carmen. Sadly, given this prediction, we already know that this movie will suck. They will still make a sequel to it anyway, because let's give her one more shot (again).

Pole Position Think of the amazing automobile product placement that could be Pole Position. With the original Wheels a 1965 Ford Mustang, Ford could really profit off the reincarnation of this series. Since they are trying to push their new Mustang Boss 302 anyway, might as well finance a feature film about it.

World of David the Gnome Peter Jackson's next project.

Gummi Bears We were always convinced that there was something "funny" in that gummiberry juice. The new Gummi Bears would be much grittier. Duke Igthorn and his "juice" pushing toadies now rule the forest with a heavy hand. Cavin is constantly strung out, and in a moment of desperation, robs Grammi to get one more "bounce" on.

Kid 'n Play This was one of the worst ideas Kid n' Play ever had, worse than when Kid shaved off the flat top or the Pajama Jam. However, are they doing anything right now? I didn't think so. In cartoon world no one ages, so they are still able to bust a move like they did back in the 90s.

Toxic Crusaders The Toxic Crusaders is an obvious metaphor for the world's environmental issues. We think Al Gore should direct.

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