Tierney Malone's "Cluttered Mind" Opens Saturday at PG Contemporary

Tierney Malone is a deep cat who is forever breaking down the layers of stuff in his brain to arrive at answers. What distances Malone from the token deep thinker is that he's able to translate his reflections into a tangible piece of writing, music or visual artwork that more often than not wows an audience.

For his next show, "Ruminations of a Cluttered Mind," Malone has created a 17-piece installation that measures eight feet in height and 20 feet in width. The work will debut this weekend at PG Contemporary.

"It is a tone poem of sorts that reflects my ideas about the current issues we are facing in the world," says Malone. "The wars we are engaged in, the cost of these wars, the burden we are inflicting on the environment and the hypocrisy that religion plays in it all. My visual rendition of Marvin Gaye's What's Going On."

According to Malone, there will also be a sonic component that the storyteller/sound maker has composed. "I create a soundtrack for most of my work," he says. "It is the musical source material that helps me maintain the emotional color and gravity of the subject I am channeling. This is the first time I'm presenting the soundtrack with the piece as a part of the work."

Look at it/listen to it from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, September 17, during a free artist's reception at PG Contemporary, 3227 1/2 Milam.

The show is scheduled to hang through October 8, which is the same day that Malone will give an artist's talk at noon that, in his words, "will explore my creative process and how music informs my work...I plan to spin music while breaking down the narrative to the 'Ruminations' pieces."

For more information, call 713-523-7424 or visit www.pgcontemporary.com.

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