Vicki DaSilva, Charlie Sheen
Vicki DaSilva, Charlie Sheen

"Tiger Blood" Splatters NYC's Armory Show

Not even a high-profile "serious" art event like the Armory Show, going on right now in New York City, is immune to pop culture's basest vulture-fodder--or, of course, to a sly comment on the pervasiveness of it (depending on how you see it).

Light artist Vicki DaSilva "bombed" the show for a couple photos and some video she posted at her blog

Not to be too literal, DaSilva also "sprayed" Tiger Blood with her light wand, in case the name of the quoted was too easy an image.

She described her inspiration:

"I was thinking about the ever constant collision of art, history, pop culture, icons, celebrity, status, bad behavior, ego, money, drive, determination, perception, association, awareness, politics, social media, all media, gossip, enemies, violence, war, competition, friends, family, parenthood, relationships, love, passion and riding the fine line between sanity & insanity..between life and death. I was inspired to make these two pieces, Charlie Sheen and Tiger Blood."

Go here for more photos and video of DaSilva in action.

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