Today's DVDs & Blu-rays: The Numbers Station and Some Sneak Peeks

We like

The Numbers Station

with John Cusack as a black ops agent who's on the rebound from making a serious mistake in the field. He's been assigned to guard a code operator (Malin Akerman) at a secret CIA outpost. Things get complicated when the outpost comes under attack by an unknown force. Cusack, in his usual less-is-more style, nicely underplays his role as agent. He's enjoyable on screen and offers viewers a refreshingly intelligent take on being the hero of the world. Yes, the future of humanity is at stake, but that's no reason to get crazy, is it?

Here's a sneak peak at one of our choices for next week,

The Politician's Wife

with Juliet Stevenson being released by Acorn Media.

Coming on June 18 is


, a Sundance Channel original story follows a man's readjustment to society after having been unjustly imprisoned.

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