Tootsies Hosts Event to Raise Awareness About Stray Dog Dangers in Houston

There are 1.2 million stray dogs in Houston and most of them are in the poorest parts of the city. Most of them are harmless but some are not and they become part of the danger for kids going to school in the morning, whether they walk or wait at a bus stop.

In recognition of this, a group of people have gotten together to raise money for Corridor Rescue and Dog Lover's Across Houston and draw attention to this problem. The idea is to persuade city of Houston leaders to develop a better strategy for tackling the stray dog problem -- for the benefit of the dogs and children both.

Tootsies is hosting a get-together from 5-7 p.m. today and as an added draw is featuring jewelry designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza with his spring collection.

Organizers say there will be opportunities to sign up and volunteer time and/or donate resources at the gathering.

For more information go to tootsies.com

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