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Top 10: Best Fake Politicians

It's mid-term election day across the United States and if you haven't voted yet, you better be a convicted felon or a minor. It's your civic duty, you get a free sticker, and more than likely it'll only take five minutes to cast your ballot, unless you vote straight ticket and you just push a button.

For the occasion, we culled together our favorite fake politicians. Fake politicians? That's a little redundant right? You know what we mean. The fake ones from television and film are the way we wish our own boring elected officials would act. Remember Jimmy Stewart's Mr. Smith, the most human and honest candidate ever? Why can't we breed a race of those guys?

Shaking babies, kissing hands and making sweetly scripted speeches full of funny asides is what we need now more than ever. Why can't they all be President Skroob from Spaceballs? He had his own salute.

Here they are, in order from disturbed to absurd, after the jump.

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Craig Hlavaty
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