Top 10: Best TGIF Shows

For a period of about 10 years, ABC's Friday-night programming held sway in America, and we were glued to the couch or VCR every week. Hell, what else were we going to do? We couldn't drive, drink, shave, and we hated girls. Granted we were five years old in 1988, but you get the idea.

TGIF was one of the most-loved blocks of programming ever to hit us '80s babies. The families and situations typified what we all wanted in America in the late '80s: big families full of love, odd romantic triangles, nannies, nerds, dweebs, flashback episodes, and people getting pies thrown in their faces (and minorities whenever you could fit them in there somewhere too were always good).

Here are our favorite TGIF shows from 1988 to 1999, when it officially started sucking. You don't remember Baby Talk?

10. Sabrina The Teenage Witch Melissa Joan Hart followed up her success on Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All with this show about a teen witch, a talking cat, and two witch aunts. Remember when MJH was in Maxim? Oh man, that ruled.

9. Just The Ten Of Us We're pretty sure no one else remembers this show, about a fat basketball coach and his family. But you know who was hot--the daughter played by Jamie Luner. She was arguably one of the hottest redheads on television when we were little, next to Miss Yvonne of course.

8. Hangin' With Mr. Cooper We knew no one personally who liked Mr. Cooper. Its only saving graces was Holly Robinson Peete as Vanessa, and maybe En Vogue, who did the theme song.

7. Dinosaurs (One Season) Dinosaurs was about a family of dinosaurs that was like a prehistoric All In The Family. Somehow we sensed an Italian vibe off the dinosaurs. Like you just knew that somewhere in the past Earl Sinclair was putting dinosaurs heads in rock vices.

6. Step By Step Step By Step reminded us how hot Suzanne Somers was, and it kept Patrick Duffy on our national radar a little bit longer. The world would've been a darker place without Sasha Mitchell, erstwhile karate champion and the poor man's Keanu Reeves.

5. Boy Meets World The only thing we liked about Boy Meets World was Topanga, the thick-and-sexy friend of Cory's who ruined us for the rest of our lives. We've been chasing Topanga ever since. She had a bitch face. Also--can't forget Mr. Feeny, who looked like he enjoyed scotch and talking sports cars.

4. Mr. Belvedere Don't you think Mr. Belvedere's relationship with Wesley was a little abusive? He really wanted to kill that poor kid. He even wrote in his journal every night about how much he hated him. That's messed up.

3. Family Matters Family Matters chronicled the ridicule and belittlement of a neighborhood nerd. In today's climate he would've shot the Winslow family to death. Steve Urkel is probably somewhere working at Apple for Steve Jobs and making an iPhone for your dog. The dude was building his own robots and making elixirs to turn him into Stefan, who was basically a walking penis. You'd think you would wanna be his friend.

2. Perfect Strangers Perfect Strangers wouldn't fly today, since it was about an illegal immigrant skirting the system for his own nefarious and sexual gains. Mypos, his supposed homeland, wasn't even a real place, and Balki was just an Eastern-bloc spy (and mildly retarded). We knew all that when we were just six years-old. Don't be ridiculous, you know it's true ... partly.

1. Full House Full House, with its creepy set-up of two washed-up uncles, three kids, and a widower father, was a big favorite. Sadly, it gave the world John Stamos and the Olsen Twins. Have mercy.

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