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Top 10 "Cabin in the Woods" Movies

Of course one of the most anticipated horror films of this year would open on Friday the 13th. The Cabin in the Woods, penned and directed by Cloverfield and Buffy the Vampire Slayer screenwriter (TV show) Drew Goddard, opened last week with lots of hoopla behind it. It doesn't hurt the film's street cred that Buffy creator and cult favorite Joss Whedon helped write and produce the movie.

The celluloid has barely warmed up and already Internet critics are giving it big praise. The review site Rotten Tomatoes ranks it 92 percent on the "tomatometer." The movie has been compared to previous comedy/horror flicks, such as Scream and Evil Dead, noted for having "plenty of hyuks to match the yuks."

By its title, you would think this movie is pretty cliché. A cabin in the woods with horror around; it sounds like the description of a million other campy, B-movie horror flicks. The "woods" and the horror genre go hand in hand like a demonstrative woman falling for a wayward dude and a Katherine Heigl movie. Just because there have been far too many cabin-in-the-woods horror movies doesn't mean all of them were bad (and even the bad ones are good in a cheesy way).

Here are our top 10 "cabin in the woods" horror flicks.

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Abby Koenig
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