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Top 10 Car Racing Movies in Honor of the Grand Prix

Just in time for Pride Week, Houston is once again hosting the Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix. That was a joke. What is no joke is the amount of dust these cars will be eating at this year's, now annual, event. Since last year's inaugural race was such a success, the Grand Prix will be again taking over Reliant Center this weekend.

Like last year, the event will be a double-header with two IndyCar races during the weekend's lineup. The winners of the 2013 race, in addition to trophies and presumably cash, went home with a pair of customized cowboy boots because why the hell not? It's Texas! Let's hope this prize also sees a repeat performance.

I've never been to an IndyCar race and believe it or not, I would love to go. It's one of those bizarre anomalous things to me; it's a sport where people drive cars and they have to be skilled at it, another concept I don't understand. (Driving well? What?)

But since I won't be able to make it to this year's Grand Prix, I am resigned to get excited about car racing through movies. There are some fantastic flicks about the need for speed, and here are ten.

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Abby Koenig
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