Top 10 Doctor Who Video Game Easter Eggs

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Video game programmers have been known to slip all kinds of references to Doctor Who into titles over the years. As part of our celebrations for the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the show, today we present the best cameos by figures from the Whoniverse in gaming.

10: One of the special encounters in the original Fallout is called an Unusual Call Box that is a clear reference to the TARDIS. If you approach it the box disappears using the famous sound effect, leaving behind only a motion sensor.

9: As officially the world's largest MMORPG, it's only natural to assume that at least a few of the people involved in Runescape are Doctor Who fans. In the ramshackle town of Burgh de Rott you can meet two children named Amelia and Rory, who will tell you of the hero that completed the Myreque quest series. If you claim that you were the hero, Rory will denounce you as not tall enough to be the hero, and also that you aren't wearing a cool bow tie as the legendary hero does.

8: The Tenth Doctor makes a thinly veiled cameo in Pokemon Platinum as The Looker, who dresses exactly the same as David Tennant's Doctor, refuses to divulge his real name, and is dedicated to stopping Team Galactic from remaking the universe in their image.

7: In Rock Band's Rock Shop you can purchase the Doctor What outfit for $169. It includes a Fourth Doctor coat and scarf, and the description, "Traveling through time or just touring the neighborhood, this long jacket and scarf combo won't let you down."

6: Paradroid was a game where you had to eliminate various robots that came out on the Commodore 64, and is actually currently available on the Wii Virtual Console provided you're in Europe. Droid No. 23 was a Dalek, armed with a weapon called an exterminator. It was designed from archive data and terrifies all humans for some unknown reason.

5: Albion in Destroy All Humans 2 is meant to coincide with real-world London. So it makes perfect sense when panicked citizens will scream "Someone call the Doctor!" and "Where the hell's the bleedin' TARDIS?" if you terrorize them in your true alien form. Interestingly, Anthony Head, who played the head of the Krillitanes in "School Reunion" and can disguise himself as human as Crypto can, also voiced Ponsonby, leader of M16, in Destroy All Humans 2.

4: In a bit of in-universe humor, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock actually has a reference to Tom Baker hidden off in the background. After going back in time to escape the Cybermen in modern day London, there's a building off to the far left of the level labeled the T. Baker Cotton Company.

3: Back in the '90s they made these great graphic point-and-click adventures like Beneath a Steel Sky, the story a man raised by aborigines that seeks to uncover the corruption in a cyberpunk city. He has a sidekick called Joey, an artificial sentient mind that can be transferred to various robot bodies as the need arises. Upon being put into a welding robot with a functioning torch, Joey will suddenly begin screaming "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" like a Dalek.

2: I'm not sure if you can call it an Easter Egg if you have to actually meet The Doctor to continue the game, but Hugo II, Whodunit? does it. Upon using a telephone booth to travel to the planet Retupmoc, you immediate encounter a Dalek that you can shoot, and the Fourth Doctor introduces himself before handing over a sonic screwdriver.

1: There are so many pop culture references in Borderlands 2 that there is an entire Wiki dedicated just to that, including almost a dozen Doctor Who jokes. My favorite is after blowing up the dam in "Hell Hath No Fury." A roll call of the dead is broadcast, which includes William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, and Tom Baker... kind of mean when you consider that Baker is actually still alive.

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