Top 10: Dudes In Drag

It's fun to dress in drag if you're a dude. Take it from us, stepping out in a Little Miss Muffet outfit or a revealingly tight nurse's uniform is liberating. There's something oddly grotesque (especially if you don't shave the appropriate parts of your body, too). Nothing like getting your leg hairs stuck in a pair of pantyhose.

This week, pictures of James Franco dressed in drag for a Terry Richardson photo shoot surfaced. The Pineapple Express actor, and star of the upcoming Allen Ginsburg biopic Howl, sported blue eyeshadow and immaculately painted lips for his session with the controversial photog for the cover of Candy magazine--it's actually a whole magazine dedicated to transsexuals and the lifestyle, which is pretty cool.

He's not the first, and certainly not the last, actor to drag their image through the rouge and glitter. Some are just better at it than others. Some have even made it their calling card, like Eddie Izzard early on in his career. Dress To Kill, anyone? Sadly, he's pretty butch now, what with his acting-life in full-swing. And who can forget macho-man boxer Oscar De La Hoya's glamorous photo shoot in fishnets?

On a side note, in his new autobiography Tattoos & Tequila, Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil claims that Aerosmith's single "(Dude) Looks Like A Lady" was inspired by Aero-men Steven Tyler and Joe Perry spying him at a bar and thinking he was a pretty girl from afar. He must have been doing something right, we guess.

Who are our favorite actors in drag? We were waiting for you to ask. We're sure to forget some, what are your faves?

10. Milton Berle

9. Dustin Hoffman

8. Tom Hanks

7. The Whitest Kids You Know

6. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis

5. Martin Lawrence

4. The Kids In the Hall Cast

3. Nathan Lane

2. Johnny Depp

1. Tim Curry

Bonus: "Jame Gumb"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.