Top 10 Most Useful Patented Inventions

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9. Bottle-Sealing Device - Patent No. 468,226

Before William Painter developed the Crown Cork, sodas and pop would lose their fizz pretty quickly. Painter created a metal cap with a "corrugated-flange edge [that] was lined with a thin cork disc and a special paper backing to seal the bottle and prevent contact between the metal cap and the drink." Thank God that Painter realized back then what we all know now -- there is nothing nastier than flat beer. 8. Synthetic Diamonds - Patent #: 2,947,611

All you "scrubs" out there should be grateful to Francis P. Bundy for inventing the process that creates synthetic diamonds. Without fake diamonds, what would you all be buying your boos when they are tripping at you for not having a job still?

7. Foot Measuring Device - Patent #: 1,682,366

Do you remember being a kid and going with your mom to get new school shoes? You had to step on that metal foot plate, which measured your shoe size so the store clerk knew which size Reebok Pumps to get from the back. You may never have thought about Charles F. Brannock and his foot-measuring device before, but now maybe you will...for like ten seconds. And you're done.

6. Social Game - Patent No. 53,561

Board games! Milton Bradley and his patented board game idea have been saving the sheer awkwardness of family fun night for decades. Additionally, without board games the world mighty have never known Words With Friends, and then what would you be doing to occupy yourself on long lines or while sitting on the toilet?

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