Top 3 Reasons You Should Visit the HMNS's New Paleontology Hall (Including Half-price Admission with Today's VOICE Daily Deal)

We've got three great reasons you should visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science's new Paleontology Hall.

3. Size: The thing's as long as a football field. And the dinosaur skeletons are as big as ... well, dinosaurs.

2. Quality: The museum's won multiple Houston Press Best of Houston awards, and the new Paleontology Hall's already a contender for future awards. We especially love that the exhibits show the prehistoric beasts in full "kill-or-be-killed" action.

1. Value: Today's VOICE Daily Deal offers HMNS fans more than half off of regular admission. Instead of $15 tickets (already a great bargin), you pay just $7 for your ticket. No tricks, no black-out dates, no fine print (well, actually, there's a little bit of fine print, but nothing too complicated).


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