Top 5 Bicycle Accessories That Need to Be Invented

Have you heard that they've started to make USB ports for bicycles, which allows mobile devices to be charged while riding?

Put technology to better use, we say, with these five inventions that should be on some smart person's drawing board.

Houston's bike messengers as well as Bayou City bike commuters would appreciate it.

5. Invisible Helmet for the Fashion Conscious "I don't want to mess up my coiffed do" will no longer be heard.

4. Rain-Proof Bubble We're imagining the physical design to look like the "Cone of Silence" in the original Get Smart series.

3. Pothole Laser Leveler Houston would be a huge test market.

2. Bike Nazi Detector Inspired by the Texas Medical Center.

1. Coffee Cup Holder THAT DOESN'T ALLOW SPILLAGE We've tried the Thermos in the saddle bag and the piece of masking tape over the hole in the plastic top hole. Never ever works. Out of everything on this list, this seems like the easiest invention, right?

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