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Top 5 Breaking Bad Deaths and a Bonus One

(SPOILER bitches) This past Sunday, Breaking Bad proved (yet again) its grit with one of the most monumentally upsetting, appalling, and any other hyperbolic description you can come up with, deaths on television. Some of us were shocked by the death of DEA agent and genuinely good guy Hank Schrader, while others of us saw it coming a mile away. I knew that the guy was going to have to go the way of the dinosaur, but a cold-blooded bullet to the head just moments after a celebratory phone call to his wife? Ouch. This detail, and everything else right down to the kosher fry batter at Los Pollos Hermanos, is what makes this show so spectacular.

There have been many murders on Breaking Bad that stand out. Here are the top five.

5. Tortuga In Season Two we were introduced to Tortuga, a drug runner for the Juarez Cartel. He may have been slow and steady, but in the end, he did not win the race. After becoming an informant for the DEA, the dude gets found out and is punished by having his head chopped off and placed on the back of a meandering turtle. And then, of course, the turtle explodes. What a way to go.

4. Mike Fan videos! Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring's original cleaner/henchman, turned out to be one of the best characters on the series. He didn't take any bullshit, he was a doting grandfather and in the end his relationship with Jesse turned out to be stronger than that of Walt's. But he didn't play Walt-ball, so he had to go. His death could have been swift but it is prolonged when Walt gets him in his car and hightails it, dragging his dying body to a creek to "die in peace" like the classy guy he was.

3. Gale All Gale wanted to do was love Walter and worship him and make exceptional quality crystal meth with him and read prose from Whitman together in the lab as they drank loose leaf tea and listened to avant garde jazz. Did he really deserve to get shot in the face by Jesse? Either way, he sort of gets his revenge in the afterlife.

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