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Top 5 Carrie Fisher Characters

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Now through Sunday, May 20, the lady who once famously donned a gold lamé bikini will make her way to the stage of the Hobby Center. Carrie Fisher, in all her self-actualizing, uncompromising glory, will have a six-day stint in Houston for her celebrated live solo show, Wishful Drinking.

Fisher has been in Hollywood for a long time. Her mother is actress Debbie Reynolds and her father is singer Eddie Fisher. Carrie Fisher was born into fame. Being Hollywood royalty did not make for an easy life. Fisher has often been frank about her battles with drugs and her time spent in rehab. Her first novel, Postcards from the Edge, touched upon her addiction issues in a semi-autobiographical way.

Wishful Drinking was first created for the stage in 2006, then was turned into a book, then a documentary and then back to the stage. The show has garnered rave reviews for its funny and honest portrayal of Fisher's life.

Carrie Fisher onstage regaling the audience with tales of La La Land and makeout sessions with Harrison Ford sounds delightful; however, her many movie roles are what makes Fisher so memorable. She remains a permanent fixture in our movie culture's consciousness.

Fisher has played so many standout characters in so many standout movies that it would be fruitless to put them into list form, but I will try because this is my job.

Carrie Fisher's top five movies roles.

5. The Therapist in Austin Powers Fisher was only in this movie for about five minutes, but prior to that the world had not seen her in years. I distinctly remember seeing her scene for the first time and thinking, "Holy crap, that was just Carrie Fisher! And she was hilarious." If only she had been in the movie for longer...

Fisher has lent her voice to Seth Green's Robot Chicken and Family Guy, which stars Seth Green. I wonder if their Austin Powers connection paved the way?

4. The Mystery Woman in The Blues Brothers Fisher had no name in the original The Blues Brothers film, but she made quite a bang (pun intended). She spends the majority of the movie trying to blow the guys to smithereens. As the backstory of the film goes, Jake Blues left her standing at the altar, and she is on the hunt for revenge. What's so hilarious about Fisher is that she detonates bazookas with a completely straight face and winds up helping the brothers out more than hurting them. 3. Betsy Faye Sharon in Soapdish Do not mock Soapdish. This movie is absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way. Fisher has a small but meaty role in the film as a sex-crazed, no-nonsense executive who deals with the crazy world behind the scenes of the daytime soap opera. Fisher is all boobs and sass in this movie, and she steals every scene she's in.

2. Marie in When Harry Met Sally When Harry Met Sally is one of those movies that no matter what is going on, if there is the threat of a nuclear attack, if it's on basic cable, I will sit down and watch it. Despite the fact that the focus of the film is the relationship between its two main characters, Harry and Sally, this film is an ensemble cast, rounded out with Bruno Kirby and Carrie Fisher. Fisher has at least 20 one-liners and each one is funnier than the next.

The best line in the movie (and possibly the best line in every movie?): "Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor, but they can't possibly..."

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