Top 5 Celebrity TMIs

In the usual fashion of our over-exposed culture, another celebrity has come down with the deadly "foot-in-mouth disease" and is spreading it all over town. This most recent affliction has made its way to Tim Gunn, stylist to the world, fashion guru and self-esteem proper-upper. Recently, Gunn announced on the ABC talk show The Revolution that he has not gotten any action in 29 years, and he is doing just fine. We will remain cordial and not comment on the statement at hand and focus, rather, on the "why did you just tell us that?" factor. We're sorry that Gunn is missing on the kissing, but some skeletons are better left in the closet, sir.

This is not new, though, this idea that public figures feel the need to over-share. In fact, in the past ten years, and given our culture's current obsession with reality programming, we have seen a nauseating amount of TMI.

We cataloged the useless information in our brains and came up with the top five worst cases of celebrity TMI. 5. Jessica Simpson Doesn't Brush Her Teeth For some very confusing reason, Jessica Simpson announced on the Internet site Iheartradio that she does not traditionally brush her teeth. J-So, why would you think sharing this disgusting and, may we say poor hygiene, habit with America was a good idea? Did you think we would all laugh and nod agreeing? We don't brush either! No, this is not a case of the "stars are just like us!" We all brush our teeth.

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Abby Koenig
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