Top 5 Gifts for the TV Addict

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Struggle for gift ideas no longer, Christmas shopper! If a person watches any television at all, she qualifies as a TV addict. It's just the nature of Millionaire Matchmaker. So any of the following gift ideas should have you set for the coming season, a favorite among your friends and a champion of mankind's greatest form of artistic expression.

5. Teleliteracy: Taking Television Too Seriously, by David Bianculli - This is an ideal gift for your average Mad Men or The Wire fan--you know, someone who is more scholarly about his recreational pursuits. Bianculli was the TV critic for the New York Daily News from 1993-2007 and is now the TV critic for NPR's Fresh Air. The main assertion of the book is that television deserves critical attention, reinforced by such chapters as "Mass Media and Mass Contempt," but lightened in mood by a few fun quizzes.

4. Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote - If you've got money, then this $140 remote is a nice big-ticket companion for any TV watcher. It controls all your devices, saving the viewer from having to use six remotes. Change cable channels, adjust the surround sound or simply push "Wii" to switch the input. The only thing TV addicts hate more than negative Joss Whedon backtalk is searching for a lost remote or battery.

3. Show specific memorabilia - This requires a little knowledge on what television the addict in your life loves in particular, but shows such as Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights inspire such intense fandom that stylish gear should go over extremely well. Any Coach Taylor fan would be proud to wear this East Dillon hat and the Showtime store has some beautiful Dexter silk screen prints. Network websites are a good resource, but unofficial fan art like these posters for Breaking Bad, the Sopranos and Twin Peaks from UK artist Matt Needle are attractive gifts as well.

2. InsideMedia: TV Stars in Their own Words - During these hour-long episodes, the cast and creators of all your favorite television shows convene to discuss the hot topics of their series. The women of Sex and the City recall their initial reactions to the show's more titillating scenes while the team behind How I Met Your Mother explores the balance between cuddliness and snark. Brought to you by the Paley Center for Media, shows centered on everything from Battlestar Galactica to Dancing with the Stars are available for download on iTunes.

1. Roku - This little device makes an equally good gift for a poor student who doesn't pay for cable and watches shows mostly online and for someone who has maxed out his interest in basic cable offerings. The Roku hooks up to a television and grants access to all sorts of Internet content including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, Vimeo and blip.tv. Seriously, this is maybe the best present ever.

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