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One night stands have come up a lot in my life lately, not the way you think. Last week across the nation Fathom Events presented a cinematic behind-the-scenes look at musical theater that was created in 24 hours and titled One Night Stand. The concept is intriguing, although not original. We've seen these 24-hour festivals now with just about every type of creative endeavor. Twenty-four-hour film festivals, 24-hour screenwriting competitions, 24-hour paint-by-number contests (I made that up), you name it. More over than it being a bit uninspired, it is very misleading. The whole time I thought there was going to be a bunch of plays about the inevitable walk of shame.

Then, today, I was chatting with a friend who regaled me with horror stories of her most recent one nighter. Good or bad, I have to live vicariously through such girlfriends' anecdotes. Throw in this past week's episode of Girls and its one night-stand city (I assume this city is in Nevada).

It got me thinking that we need more one-night stand movies because nothing is funnier or more terrifying than going at it with a complete stranger. Until Hollywood realizes this, here are the top 5 one-night stand movies.

5. Titanic

Some call


the most romantic movie of all time; some people call it the most overrated movie of all time. Regardless of your affection for the epic classic, you have to admit that Jack and Rose had a serious one-night stand. Talk about embarrassing. Rather than the regular, here's my number, pray they never call, Jack has to hang out with this chick he just met for the rest of his life! Literally. He has sex with a stranger, the boat he's on gets a leak, he gives up his corner of the raft because he's a gentleman and then he dies. Worst one-night stand ever.

4. Fatal Attraction

One night, Michael Douglas, one night of passion leads you to a world of pain. If there was ever a movie that was made by a secret society of women who want to show their husbands the horrors of cheating with a total stranger, that movie is

Fatal Attraction

. But of course then your husband will say, "It was just bad luck that he slept with a psycho. My affair will be with a normal woman." Wrong future cheater, there is no such thing as a "normal" woman. Anyone of us will boil your bunny when you least expect it.

3. Before Sunrise

Even before the two characters, played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, do the deed, this movie is one in which you dream about living in. You meet a stranger in Vienna, of all freakin' places, that is both good looking, single and has nothing to do for the evening. Score. You are actually not sure if these two beautiful people are even going to ever do it or if they will just talk the entire movie. Luckily for us, they eventually do.

2. Kids


Fatal Attraction

was secretly put out as propaganda against extramarital affairs,


is like a PSA against teen sex. Poor Chloe Sevigny. The one and only hop in the sack she has gives her HIV. With the release of this film, one night stands weren't so funny anymore.

1. Knocked Up

I am a sucker for this flick indeed, but I challenge you to find a better one-night stand movie. The movie starts off as every girl's nightmare; the fat slob you meet one drunken evening winds up getting you pregnant. While in real life, this story would probably go in a very different direction, in movie world the couple winds up sort of falling in love after both of them realize they are basically stuck with each other. True love conquers all!

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