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Top 5 One-Night Stand Movies

One night stands have come up a lot in my life lately, not the way you think. Last week across the nation Fathom Events presented a cinematic behind-the-scenes look at musical theater that was created in 24 hours and titled One Night Stand. The concept is intriguing, although not original. We've seen these 24-hour festivals now with just about every type of creative endeavor. Twenty-four-hour film festivals, 24-hour screenwriting competitions, 24-hour paint-by-number contests (I made that up), you name it. More over than it being a bit uninspired, it is very misleading. The whole time I thought there was going to be a bunch of plays about the inevitable walk of shame.

Then, today, I was chatting with a friend who regaled me with horror stories of her most recent one nighter. Good or bad, I have to live vicariously through such girlfriends' anecdotes. Throw in this past week's episode of Girls and its one night-stand city (I assume this city is in Nevada).

It got me thinking that we need more one-night stand movies because nothing is funnier or more terrifying than going at it with a complete stranger. Until Hollywood realizes this, here are the top 5 one-night stand movies.

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Abby Koenig
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