Top 5 UFO Easter Eggs in Video Games

UFOs are the reason I no longer believe in democracy and are also the reason I can never be mad at Barack Obama. Back in September of 2011 he created the We the People petition system on the White House website, which would allow ordinary people to seek an answer from their government on most subjects provided they could get enough signatures. It was 5,000 initially, and is now 100,000 because Obama gave America two things that should never go together; a comment section and too much credit for intelligence.

One of the very first petitions to achieve the threshold was this one begging Obama to "formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon." White House spokesman Phil Larson responded with admirable patience and restraint, pointing out that the universe is so infinitely big that the possibility of life on other worlds was very high, but that the same infinite size meant that any contact with Earth was unlikely.

Presumably he and his president then proceeded to drink away any hopes that the people they govern could be trusted to ever not be complete prats. Clearly, UFOs have a powerful hold on the American mindset, and just as people do on the rare occasions they leave the tinfoil-lined wall of their houses, they search the skies in video game worlds avidly as they. Here's five alien sightings you'll find out in gamesland.

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5. Silent Hill: Probably the most famous UFO sightings in gaming history are the hidden endings in the Silent Hill series. With two exceptions, every game has featured some way for protagonists to meet up with mysterious aliens who often abduct them in lighthearted animated endings. The endings are just fun little challenges for the players, but series writer Hiroyuki Owaku has stated before that he considers the UFO endings the true story of the games. In a weird way, it actually does make more sense.

4. Super Mario: Aliens are nothing new to Mario, who first tackled extraterrestrials when Tatanga invaded Sarasaland. However, there are still some strange, inexplicable apperances that leave video game UFOlogists baffled. Consider the Super Mario 3D Land, where if you use the binoculars in World 1-3 you can look to the sky and see a flying saucer blaze by. This serves no purpose gamewise, and just leaves you asking questions.

Of course, when it comes to sightings of aliens in the Mario series nothing tops the infamous and frightening cryptids of the Shiverburn Galaxy level of Super Mario Galaxy. Going into first person mode allows a player to see dark figures on the horizon of the level always watching your progress. Explorations into the game's code revealed the images of them to be labeled "Hell Valley Trees." The figures vaguely resemble Japanese tree spirits known as Kodama, but their similarity to the traditional Grey alien figures prominent in abduction stories is also uncanny. Nintendo has yet to comment on the meaning of the figures.

3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf: A new one making the rounds is an apparent alien transmission that occurs in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you watch your character's television at exactly 3:33 a.m. game time, a Grey alien will interrupt the broadcast and speak. This is a parallel to a famous and still-unexplained broadcast from sources that claimed to be extraterrestrial in origin in 1977. As for the significance of the hour, an abduction happened at that exact moment in the film The Fourth Kind.

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2. Colin McRae Rally: The pioneering series of racing games parodied one of the most famous alien abductions in history, that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 when they were taken from their car on a deserted stretch of road. In Rally driving at night down a dead end street will cause the electronics in your car to fail, and then your car will be lifted by a white light. The player is then deposited back on the road away from where they were taken, as were the Hills, but the car will now have a gelatinous consistency.

1. Outlaws: Alien sightings aren't just a product of modern times in video games. Set in the Old West, Outlaws had a particularly disturbing encounter that occurred at Slim's Hideout. By blowing up the toilet in the outhouse with dynamite, you can crawl through the latrine to a hidden area with futuristic lights and technology. Opening a window reveals several Greys manically mutilating a cow. Though stories of livestock killed and dissected without explanation go back to 19th century England, the now-common alien trope mostly originated from the death of a horse named Lady in 1960's Colorado.

One way or another, the idea that alien forces are hidden all around us doing things we can't understand is a powerful one, and it's not surprise that gamemakers occasionally indulge to expanding that fantasy. That said, it might not be a bad idea to turn the systems off and go outside every once in a while. Either the whole thing is a paranoid fantasy, in which case the interaction will do you good... or things like the Hell Valley Trees are just further proof that aliens really are embedded all around us. If that's true, more room to run away outside will still probably do you good.

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