Top 5 Weirdly Incestuous Performances in Television That Creeped Us Out

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Have you ever fallen in love, or just supreme hump fever with someone you worked with? It makes sense, you're around them a lot, you share a lot of the same experiences, maybe it's not allowed so there's the danger aspect, and most of all work is boring so you have to find something to occupy your mind while you unjam a printer. Sometimes it even leads to happily ever after. I exist because two coworkers got together.

The same holds true for Hollywood. People meet on set all the time and end up couples. It's so expected now that we've been force fed a fake relationship between Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart in the tabloids since the first Twilight film came out, with people actually getting mad at one or the other for supposedly cheating as if we had any kind of stake in the subject at all.

At least Pattinson and Stewart were playing a couple, though. Sometimes the spark happens between people playing family members, and they can't quite turn the sex thoughts off no matter how good of actors they happen to be. Here are the one's that really creeped us out.

5. Greg Brady and His Mom

If you haven't read Barry William's memoir I Was a Teenage Greg then you really should. It's a good book and Williams has an easy to like style. During his run on The Brady Bunch he developed crushes on both his onscreen sister played by Maureen McCormack and mom played Florence Henderson.

McCormack briefly reciprocated William's feeling, even almost losing her virginity to him before her parents walked in. Henderson was more restrained, but did still agree to go on a single date with Williams. Nothing further ever occurred, but as you can in the video above where Greg and Carol react to the news that Greg is moving out that doesn't mean she never thought about it. It's worse than watching Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham eye-fuck each other on stage.

4. The Doctor and His Daughter

The Doctor briefly acquired a daughter named Jenny in Season 4 of Doctor Who when he was forced to contribute a DNA sample to a cloning machine that breeds soldiers. Jenny started out as a gun-toting badass, but eventually came to accept her father's ways of pursuing non-violent methods to end conflicts. Unfortunately, she died in his arms after being shot by her former superior officer. Unknown to The Doctor, she regenerated after birth and flew off on her own adventures.

Jenny was played by Georgia Moffett, the daughter of the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, who had auditioned earlier for the part of Rose Tyler. Sometime after filming "The Doctor's Daughter" her and David Tennant began dating and eventually married. (Yes, the daughter of the Fifth Doctor married the Tenth Doctor and had a daughter with him, who we can only hope will grow up and marry the Fifteenth Doctor). Tennant keeps his cool throughout the episode, though Moffett is a bit more openly flirty.

That hug at the end of the video though... it's a little handsy for a dad.

3. The Batemans on Arrested Development

Going for the twist on this one. If there's anything that Arrested Development really loved it was making the audience squirm with incest jokes. Whether it was George-Michael and his relationship with his cousin Maeby or Lindsay trying to marry her brother you could always count on a healthy dose of a very niche category of comedy.

Nothing was weirder, though, than when Jason Bateman's sister Justine guest spotted on the show as a woman Michael thinks is his long lost sister, but is actually a prostitute. I know the whole point of the episode was the further this weird fetish the show has with familial sexual tension, but Jason and Justine play it up so much it's honestly hard to tell who is pulling a joke on who. Add in Jason specifically asking that Justine be given a role as a love interest for Michael and you get the equation for a very cold shame shower.

2. Ken and Ryan Shamrock

It's difficult to reconcile Ken Shamrock now with the man he was in the '90s. After leaving UFC at his prime for the world of wrestling he was one of the most feared and respected fighters in the world, and sure to be a contender for top titles. It didn't play out that way, but man he was a joy to watch back in the day.

At one point WWE introduced former Houston stripper Alicia Webb as his "sister" Ryan Shamrock, and Ken spent most of his time trying to keep her away from men like Val Venis. The act was overblown and hammy, it is wrestling after all and Ken was never the squared circle's greatest thespian, but the intensity of the whole thing seemed off. Ken wasn't protective, he was insanely jealous.

The reason is pretty obvious in retrospect. Ken started dating the 19-year-old Webb in 1999, something that led to his divorce from his first wife Tina Ramirez. The relationship was never hinted at on-screen, but was more or less an open secret to the online "smart mark" community, because, you know, they noticed Ken staring at Webb's tits every chance he got when she got involved in the matches.

1. Claire Bennet and Peter Petrelli

That first season of Heroes was just unbeatable. It was pure genius that held the promise of a brilliant future. Then everything just went bananas as the people behind the show realized they'd used up all their good ideas the first time around.

Peter Petrelli learns that he has a niece from the other side of the sheets in Claire Bennet, and that saving her from a super-powered serial killer is the key to saving the world from destruction. There's this wonderful innocence as the two's paths slowly march towards each other in a real Superman kind of way. You root for Peter to save her all throughout the season.

Then five minutes into their first meeting every person watching the show turned to someone else and said, "Um, are they going to fuck?" Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia were dating after having met on the show, and boy does it show. The two never stop making doe eyes at each other even though it's making the rest of us writhe in awkwardness wondering when our POV character became a pervy uncle.

Even weirder, you can go on YouTube and find dozens of tributes to Peter and Claire loving each other romantically with brazen abandon.

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