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Top 7 LEGO Cuusoo Projects: Some Amazing Art

I've done a lot of interesting stuff on LEGO for the Art Attack readers, everything from the toy bricks' contributions to science to the recent Brick Fiesta to Imagine Rigney's monstrous reproduction of Rapture from BioShock. The more I meet people in the LEGO community, the more I realize that it is a bastion of creativity that brings some truly amazing pieces of art into the world.

I personally don't have the building spark anymore. I'm perfectly happy with the occasional store-bought builds to pass a happy evening. I did start to wonder, though: Do any of these talented people ever get the chance to take their creations legit?

The answer is yes. The LEGO Cuusoo project allows builders to upload designs. If your design can win 10,000 supporters, then it will be brought up at the quarterly meetings for consideration for official licensing. You can even make money off of this from the royalties, and considering the expense of LEGO, it's probably not a tiny sum.

I spent a happy few hours browsing the site for innovative builds. Here's what I found.

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