Top Five: 2010 Miracles that Won't Make Anyone a Believer

Here's the way our warped minds work--call it the pop-culture-heavy version of the over-egg-nogged and sleep-deprived, presented via stream of consciousness: the holidays...nativity scenes...Jewish Larry David eating baby Jesus from the cookie nativity his Christian wife made on Curb Your Enthusiasm...nativities made from food...Mary appearing on, toast was it?

Yes, that was it. And on a pancake. And, upon further research, Baby Jesus has been stowed away in greasy troughs built from beef and cheese. (Yes, that's baby Cheesus.) Such ramshackle housing makes the manger look like the Ritz Carlton.

After surveying the landscape of holies from unexpected origins, some occurring naturally and others constructed from ingredients that would have vegans screaming for forgiveness, we managed to piece together another holiday top five list. As expected, the humor is not in the naturally occurring icons that look real, it's in the ones that really missed.

So what sort of statement does this list make? Some Christians and some Muslims see something when they're looking at nothing? Wait. Isn't that what faith is all about?

5. Virgin Mary on a Pancake Maybe if they'd taken some artistic liberties with some maple syrup this scene would be more convincing.

4. Bits from the Quran Written on Russian Baby (Uh huh.)

3. Allah Written on the Moon Or wait, is that the Russian baby's handprint?

2. Allah Written in the Sky Are those smoke rings? Wait I think I see baby Cheesus!

1. Manger Scene in Tree Rings Note that the photo featured on the website references Ebay because the owners are trying to hawk this miracle tree they find so holy. WWJD?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.