Top Five: Arty Hotels

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3. Hotel Sorella CityCentre

The Valencia Group opened Hotel Sorella last year in the mixed-use CityCentre located on the west side within the Memorial area. The ultra-modern hotel has 244 rooms and 22 luxury penthouse residencies.

"As with all Valencia Group hotels, 'cookie cutter' prototypes will never be our pursuit," said Jodi Doughty, director of sales and marketing. "Our designs strive to capture the essence of the local community while offering a distinctive and unique blend of class and sophistication."

Valencia Group calls the specific design of the building "Italian loft" in style. It embraces natural light and open-air spaces. The sleek interior is keenly infused with many repeating patterns and motifs, while remaining warm with domestic touches.

The most striking element is the boxy, polished-wood grand staircase, an unusual and stunning piece. "The design of the stair was a collaboration between interior designer Peter Remedios, of Remedios Siembieda Inc., and Gensler. The floating stair sits within a glass 'jewel box' and appears to be carved from a single block of wood. The exterior is clad in oak veneer and the treads and risers are solid oak," said Doughty.

The Memorial/west side part of town was seen as a "perfect fit-and-need area of a new luxury hotel." We love the mixed-use space of shopping, entertainment and lodging. We are also huge fans of any development making town-and-city centers destinations within Houston. You can preview the hotel by attending a weekend event or concert or grabbing a drink at the posh Monnlisa bar.

The Sorella would not divulge special names in regards to guests.

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Kaylan Tannahill