Top Five: Community Easter Eggs

Community's off the air for another few weeks, and though I'm officially in a mourning period, I'm filling the time until its return by watching the episodes saved on my DVR and, well, making slightly obsessive lists like this one.

The comedy has always been great at using sly visual gags that could best be described as Easter eggs. Although the term is usually used to refer to hidden DVD treats, it works in the context of the show because it still refers to fun bonus material that enhances the story if you see it but doesn't necessarily detract from it if you don't. For a better understanding, read on.

5. The Kick Puncher poster. The first season featured the appearance of the awesome Kick Puncher as well as Abed and Troy's sweded version. This season featured a nice shout-out by displaying a Kick Puncher poster in Abed's dorm (above).

4. The blanket fort foreshadowing. This season's "Aerodynamics of Gender" had several sight gags built into Abed's Terminator-like view of the world as a mean girl. At one point, the screens memo list included "Make blanket fort," a hint at the hijinks that would happen in the later "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design."

3. The paintball reference. At the end of "Aerodynamics of Gender," when Abed gets shot down by the mean girls, his heads-up display has a memo that reads "Sell study group on paintball sequel." Just a nod to the classic "Modern Warfare," or a tease of what might come? I hope both. (Pause it at 0:51.)

2. Abed helps a woman give birth. This one was a bit easier to spot than most, but give yourself bonus points if you noticed every single sliver of the back story in "The Psychology of Letting Go."

1. Annie's Boobs steals Annie's pen. One of the all-time best. When Troy's former monkey breaks into the study room to steal Annie's pen, the theft is so fast that most viewers didn't see it when it happened. But it did. A great moment and another testament to how committed Community is to getting every detail right.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.