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Top Five: Game Shows In Need of Resurrection

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3. Press Your Luck (1983-1986)

Did the word "whammy" ever exist prior to this program? The quintessential snapshot of 80s-era production value, "Press Your Luck" was all about up-close, contestant reaction and avoiding the sinister, myriad-animated Whammy. Shoulder pad and corduroy-clad contestants uttered the phrase "no Whammy" with the same vehemence as they would "no pneumonia." In 1984, the polyester-proliferated show was given a Quiz Show-style edge when it was discovered that a contestant, Michael Larson, single-handily orchestrated a pattern-memorization scheme to win over $110,000 in one day. Adjusted for inflation, this would be roughly $230,000. That's like 12 questions on "Millionaire"!

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