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Top Five: Game Shows In Need of Resurrection

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2. Beat the Geeks (2001-2002)

Name all six National Lampoon films. Which one did not star Chevy Chase? As the title so lewdly suggested (though inadvertently, I'm sure), this program was a veritable wet dream for eggheads everywhere. Challenging a panel of hair-neglected aficionados of film, music and TV, as well as specializing guest-geeks, competitors were awarded for their knowledge of pop-culture minutae. However, the obscurity-obsessed home viewers were the ones who felt like the real winners while blurting out esoteric answers and matching wits with the guru pantheon. Today, Netflix, and Pandora have helped spawn legions of MENSA-level geeks. The Arrested Development geek. The YouTube geek. Perhaps even the Twilight geek (shudder).

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