Top Five: Holiday Horror

This Friday, as part of its ongoing movie series, Domy Books will be hosting a screening of Thankskilling by Jorden Downey. Watch a crazed, murderous turkey take down college kids over the Thanksgiving break.

In honor of hell-bent turkeys this holiday season, resist the urge to watch It's a Wonderful Life, put the kinders to sleep, and get your horror on.

5. Blood Freak Turkey horror doesn't get a whole lot of love in the movie world, so give this film some. It's a Christian exploitation film in which a man eats LSD-spiked turkey, grows a turkey head and punishes sexual deviants and drug addicts. Not 100% holiday, but the horror is all there. Be wary of acid-laced turkeys this Thanksgiving.

4. Jack Frost "One cold night, science and evil combine." On that cold night, a serial killer on the way to execution is involved in a freak accident involving sensitive genetic materials and emerges from the accident as a killer snowman. Jack Frost revels in pseudo science, questionable special effects, and tomfoolery. It's another one of those really bad but really good ones.

3. Santa's Slay Santa's Slay is a gem of the post horror-films-taking-themselves-seriously age. Campy as hell and gratuitously violent, it's a winner for sure. Former pro wrestler Bill Goldberg(!) plays a Santa Claus that rides into Hell Township and proceeds to kill in the Christmas spirit.

2. Gremlins A boy gets a cute little Mogwai for Christmas, and all he has to do is follow a few rules...what could possibly go wrong? The rules get broken and the furry cuddle buddies mutate and cause a ruckus. Gremlins is proof that holiday horror/comedy can be perpetually endearing--decently violent and cute at the same time.

1. Silent Night, Deadly Night In this '80s slasher, a young boy who watched his parents die at the hands of a man in a Santa suit grows up, freaks out, and gives in to his desire to punish the naughty. Highlights include a topless girl impaled on deer antlers.

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