Top Five: Houston's Fashion Trendsetters

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Even with our first ever Fashion Week upon us, we realize that Houston, while chic and trendy at times, is still not a top destination for prêt a porter couture. However, Space City has made many important contributions to the world of fashion and pop culture over the years.

Click ahead for the city's top five most influential people and trends.

5. Paul Wall "... I'm on a mission for dime pieces and sexy ladies Allow me to introduce you to my CL Mercedes. It's a star-studded event when I valet park, Open up my mouth and sunlight illuminates the dark You see them fo's crawlin'. You see them screens fallin'. The disco ball in my mouth insinuates I'm ballin ..." -from "Drive Slow" featuring Kanye West

Swisha House MC Paul Wall and Vietnamese jeweler Johnny Dang opened TV Jewelry in 1998 and became the undisputed kings of "Gangsta Grillz" in the Dirty South. Wall designed and promoted the product, which could sell for upwards of $50,000, while "TV Johnny" ran the shop. While the trend was mainly centered in the rap and hip-hop industries, there were surges in popular culture. Who could forget the 2006 episode of The Girls Next Door in which Kendra Wilkinson asks for, and gets, a diamond-studded grill for her birthday?

4. The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo The month of March in Houston belongs to the rodeo. It's a celebration of our Texas heritage, music, great food--and for many locals rodeo season means the one time of year they'll get to dust off their boots and hat in order to blend into in the crowd. For others, it is month-long western-wear fashion show, where no belt buckle is too large and no jacket too fringed. And if you have to lay on the bed with a coat hanger to zip up your Rocky Mountains that means they're a perfect fit.

3. Houston Astros Throwback Jersey When fathead.com ranked baseball's "Top uniforms of the 1980s" the Houston Astros came in #1. According to the blog, "Getting hit in the head by a Nolan Ryan fastball had to hurt; knowing he was rocking a rainbow jersey when he threw the pitch made it that much worse!" While it's tre' chic to find a vintage edition, getting a hold of a new replica is not hard to do. Some websites even allow you to customize the old jerseys with the names of 21st century Astros players.

2. Urban Cowboy Everyone knows the 1980s romantic drama about a guy named Bud (John Travolta), a girl named Sissy (Debra Winger), and a little honky-tonk bar in Pasadena called Gilley's. The film is often called the country-music version of Saturday Night Fever, and credited with the '80s boom in pop-country music (aka neo-country or "the Urban Cowboy Movement") that swept the nation. Americans all wanted a piece of "Hard hat days and honky-tonk nights," sending cowboy hat and boot sales through the roof.

1. Beyonce The Houston native has exploded onto the scene as a leading fashion trendsetter and pop-culture icon. Beyonce is famous for incorporating looks and styles from bygone eras into her concerts and music videos, while showcasing her curvaceous form in Elie Saab on the red carpet. The singer, named People Magazine's "Best Dressed" of 2007, also founded the House of Dereon clothing line with her mother Tina Knowles.

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