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Top Five: Irish Gangster Movies for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays, along with New Year's Eve and Halloween, that we refer to as one of the year's annual "amateur nights." Whether you're full-blooded Irish, one-fifth on your mother's side or honorary by marriage, it's pretty much an excuse to start drinking early at the pub, load up the jukebox with U2, the Cranberries and Sinead, and close down the bar blackout drunk, belting a teary-eyed, lyrically improvised rendition of "Danny Boy" with the rest of the pickled masses. By the way, that's the "cool" version of this particular amateur night. The more likely and ubiquitous version inevitably involves "jumping around," spilling a beer on someone's girlfriend and getting your ass kicked.

Do yourself and others a favor: Get drunk at home.

And even better, choose a flick or two from our list of the top five Irish gangster films. If you're going to celebrate Irish culture--the music, the literature and strong drink; you may as well celebrate the Irish's legendary talent for fighting and killing each other, too (spectacularly portrayed in the following list, we might add--we're a little Irish ourselves).

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Troy Schulze
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