Top Five: Most Bizarre August Trends

This last month, the human visage figured heavily in some strange cultural phenomenon. From facial hair fanaticism to food-on-face photography (right) to face-swapping family portraits, the following are five of the most bizarre trends in popular culture, art, and design for August 2010.

5. Urban Outfitters' Mustache Mania

On the run from the law? Disguise your ride with Urban Outfitters' oversize, furry mustache. It ties easily to any grill and comes in hot pink, bright orange or black. However, according to the website, the "Carstache" is "not recommended for highway use." That's ok. When you're undercover it's best to stick to back roads anyway.

Also available: mustache pillowcase set, snow globe, mustache band-aids, shot glasses, Fingerstache Kit, Mirror Clings, fuzzy mustache keychain, mug, and much more. Ladies, are we going to spend thousands of dollars and endure excruciating pain having every wayward hair ripped off our bodies only to go out and buy some damn band-aids with patches of hair on them?

4. Excuse me, Miss, You Have Something on Your Face.

Photographer Marcel Van Der Vlugt's latest collection presents the female model as a commodity by partially obscuring most-or-all of her face with everything from salmon to licorice vines. We couldn't stop hearing "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti".

3. Mommy's Tired, Can You Carry Me?

Studio PR is taking family portraiture to places it should never, ever go with their "About Face" collection. And mom, really? The picture is freaky enough already, but that's the T-shirt you chose to wear for this picture?

2. Sexy Little Girls

We get it. The message French photographer Alain Delorme is trying to make about society and the innocence of young girls with his "Little Dolls" exhibition is pretty clear. We would like to know what kind of parents let Delorme do this to their kids? Through a process the artist refers to as "pixel surgery," the girls' appearance is altered to a point that goes way beyond makeup and hair. If the bed-head hairdos, doe eyes and strange pastries don't weird you out, check out the extra hands in each photo--in "Sarah" (bottom left) they even appear to be holding the girl in her seat.

1. Stupid is Hot? Diesel Jeans' Fall/Winter "Be Stupid" Campaign

This ad campaign has been causing a stir ever since it was previewed at the beginning of the year. In an attempt to explain the motivation behind marketing impulse-decisions-without-regard-for-consequences as "hot" to their young market, the company released the statement below:

Like balloons, we are filled with hopes and dreams. But over time a single sentence creeps into our lives. Don't be stupid. It's the crusher of possibility. It's the world's greatest deflator. The world is full of smart people. Doing all kind of smart things ... That's smart. Well, we're with stupid. Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret free life. Smart may have the brains ... but stupid has the balls. The smart might recognize things for how they are. The stupid see things for how they could be. Smart critiques. Stupid creates. The fact is if we didn't have stupid thoughts we'd have no interesting thoughts at all. Smart may have the plans ... but stupid has the stories. Smart may have the authority but stupid has one hell of a hangover. It's not smart to take risks ... its stupid. To be stupid is to be brave. The stupid isn't afraid to fail. The stupid know there are worse things than failure ... like not even trying. Smart had one good idea, and that idea was stupid. You can't outsmart stupid. So don't even try. Remember only stupid can be truly brilliant.

What's this? Balloons are filled with hopes and dreams? Is this all balloons or just the ones in L.A.? As for those last few lines, all we can say is stay in school kids. Stupid is just stupid.

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