Top Five: Over it! Pop Culture Trends We Don't Want to See Again in 2011

The key to staying popular in mainstream culture is to float just below the widespread public conscience. Once a trend becomes white hot, everyone wants a piece of the action, and that which was once cool becomes exploited, tired and lame.

Click ahead for five fads that have worn out their welcome.

"Nu-Vampires" It's like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. You're either a Beatles person or a Stones person. You can like both, but your heart only truly belongs to one or the other. The same goes for vampires and zombies, and as a vampire person this new development has been painful to watch. "Nu-Vampire" refers to the bastardization of vampire lore by the Twilight series (labeled "Abstinence Porn" by the feminist publication Bitch Magazine), and shows like HBO's True Blood, the CW's The Vampire Diaries, and most recently, Blood Ties on Lifetime. Vampires are supposed to be frightening, dangerous, and sexy, not whiny, subservient, and lovesick. And they definitely aren't waiting for marriage to do anything.

Mustache Mania We should have seen it coming a few years back when every hipster we know started sporting a scraggly little line of fuzz on his upper lip. And then, almost overnight, facial hair was everywhere. Mustache band aids, chocolate mustaches on a stick, mustaches for cars, mustaches on babies, plush stuffed mustaches, mustache snow globes, mustache necklaces, detachable knit mustaches...you get the picture. Some mustaches are timeless (Tom Selleck, Salvador Dali, Burt Reynolds, my dad). Everyone else needs a good, clean shave.

Cupcakes It kind of make sense. Cake is great but only available in mass quantities. Hence the cupcake, a cute, single serving variety. That everyone and their mom is making. How many occasions are there for cupcakes? Apparently there are. Enough to warrant cupcakeries like Crave, Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique, L.A. based Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Ooh La La springing up all over town. The Chronicle may feel it's a trend with staying power, but we think the cupcake craze is overcooked and the Houston market has reached maximum saturation.

Jersey Shore In a recently released promo for Season 3 of Jersey Shore JWOWW and Sammi get in a fist fight, Snooki does a face plant on the beach, and Vinnie says "I definitely think that there will be more hook-ups in Seaside. Jersey girls are a little easier." The cast of MTV's most watched show in history is everywhere. Snooki has her own channel on YouTube, "The Situation" and his abs moved awkwardly around the floor on Dancing With The Stars, and Barbara Walters named the entire cast as one of her most fascinating people of 2010. What to expect in Season 3: hours of foul-mouthed, orange-colored people behaving badly and getting paid tons of money to do it. One season of watching the cast tan, do laundry, and hit the gym was enough. Frankly, the hangover is setting in.

The Bachelor / Bachelorette The series that will not die, this show is more fantasty-tv than reality-tv. Take a highly desirable man or woman, add 25 members of the opposite sex, adrenaline-inducing stunts like bungee jumping and racecar driving, and exotic locations, and you've created the ideal climate for falling in love. But lately the show's producers are doing little to mask their desire for ratings-boosting nutjobs over eligible suitors. And now they're bringing back Brad Womack, the "most hated bachelor of all time", who famously dumped both women at the altar? We can't imagine why anyone would want to go on the show. After 14 seasons Krista Rehn and Ryan Sutter (Season 1 of The Bachelorette, 2002) remain the only marriage to date.

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