Top Five: Tackiest September Trends

We're back this month with another list of the most tacky, weird, horrific, and just plain stupid, potential trends in popular culture. Be warned, and turn the tide.

No Meat Diapers or Lobster Claw Booties There's really nothing cuter than a baby all dressed up for Halloween. Unless that baby is wearing the "Baby Lady Gaga Bunting Costume," including "1 Red baby veil" (creepy blonde baby wig sold separately). There's nothing more terrifying--until the "Baby Lady Gaga Meat Onesie" hits the market.

All My Friends Are Dead It's sophomoric. It's tacky. So why can't we stop laughing? All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monson and Jory John is written in the same overly honest style of Everyone Poops. However, we're pretty sure you're not going to be reading this one to your 2 year old--for starters, it's over 90 pages-long. Click the link for a preview and decide for yourself. Was released September 19th.

Did Your Car Just Wink at Me? Last month it was The Carstache. This month it's Carlashes and Crystal Eyeliner from Turbo Style Products. For only $24.99 you can be one step closer to driving the Mr. Potato Head you so loved as a child. Crystal Eyeliner sold separately.

There's an App for Crap The Poo Log app for iPhone and iPad includes a poo timer, a graph for charting number-twos, and a poo log which tracks important details that we don't care to go into here. This is sure to be a hit with a specific group of 'tween boys (and by 'tween we are referring to the ages 'tween alive and dead).

Overexposure Alert What happens when someone is plucked from obscurity, becomes obscenely famous without having any skill or talent, and is given more money than they can handle? SnookTV happens. The most heinous feature of the Jersey Shore star's personal YouTube channel: the Snookster lip-syncing (badly) to Britney Spears songs. We know: We weren't aware it was possible to screw up lip-sync either.

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