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Top Five Things to Do in Houston This Weekend: one step promenade, please, Voyager, Houston Improv Festival, Outspoken Bean, and Tristan and Isolde

Hope Stone Dance Company Artistic Director Jane Weiner has enthusiastically worked to bring contemporary dance to a wide audience. Her latest endeavor, one-step promenade, please, running Friday and Saturday, is perhaps her most ambitious effort yet. The show is set in and around the 19th Street boutiques and galleries in the Heights. Well, actually, mostly around. Dancers, according to Weiner, will make their way from one shop to another, traveling through the crowd as they go. Because the audience will be scattered throughout the area, dancers are ready to add lots of improvisation to their movements, ducking around a baby in a stroller here, circling a group of fans there. Along with members of the Hope Stone Dance company, Houston Met Too, Hope Stone Kids Ensemble, musicians Ana Treviño-Godfrey, Greg Harbar, Kristen Jensen and Kirk Suddreath will also perform.

See one step promenade, please at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, West 19th Street at Heights Boulevard. For information, visit the Hope Stone website or call 713‑526-1907. Free.

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Olivia Flores Alvarez