Tracy Manford Carlson's "State of Mind" Finds Forgotten Texas

Tracy Manford Carlson's dream is simple.

"I want to be that photographer, that when you think of Texas, you think of me," she says.

When looking at her current exhibition, "State of Mind," you get the feeling that Texas wants that for her as well. Tracy's photographs, open for viewing at Block 7 Wine Company, bring you to places in Texas you may think you have never been to, but more likely you've just forgotten.

Take the still she calls "Homestead." To the casual glance, it might seem like nothing but a broken-down house, but after a closer look we see a lonely object, set against a vast open space. Loneliness is a feeling you get from many of the works on display, purposely or not.

Carlson has a gift for capturing the inner feelings of inanimate objects. An antiquated steering wheel of a dusty old truck conveys a sense of abandonment, and you find yourself feeling sad for it.

Carlson has had work in the Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, was a winning photographer for the Houstonist website and much more. She says that she likes to just hop in the car and get lost in Texas, and you will enjoy getting lost in the images she finds along the way.

"State of Mind" is on exhibit at Block 7 Wine Company as part of the Spacetaker ARC Exhibition series and will run through August 14. An opening reception will be held on Wednesday, June 29 from 5-7 p.m. Block 7 is located at 720 Shepherd Dr.

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Abby Koenig
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