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Trailer Park: Bill Murray As FDR?? (Pumps Fist)

The trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson hit the Web on Tuesday, showing off Bill Murray as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or, as it looks to me, an older, more regal version of his Herman Blume from Rushmore. Even though it's set in 1939, he cavorts like he's the 2012 Murray.

And yes, after you watch this trailer, which also stars Oscar bait Laura Linney, your monocle will fly out of your eye socket and you will say out loud, "Hey hey, I thought Eff Dee Arr had polio and couldn't use his legs! How can he drive a car!?"

I have Googled that for you. He used a special apparatus, quite like handicapped people use to this day to drive. They had those in the '30s. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, Hyde Park is about a visit from British royalty to the Roosevelts' compound in upstate New York, which provided solace to the president away from prying eyes and cameras. He also apparently liked to make mischief, a trait that is inherent in most roles that Murray inhabits.

Now when are they going to get around to making that Stripes sequel I have been praying for?

Hyde Park opens on December 7, which is kinda cool because of the whole Pearl Harbor deal, and also because this puts it in perfect Oscar standing.

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Craig Hlavaty
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