Trailer Park: The First Trailer for Django Unchained Is, Um, Unchained

The first trailer for Quentin Tarantino's slave-'sploitation epic Django Unchained has leaked, and it's full of eyebrows, bullwhips and funk, man, loud-ass funk. Is Leo drinking out of a goblet with a straw? And why does he still look like a child?

We've already listed our hopes for the film, including a great soundtrack (the trailer features Johnny Cash, James Brown's "The Payback," so check!), tons of beards and stuff (check out the Van Dyke on Leo!) and Jamie Foxx using sassy 20th-century lingo (killin' white folks), so it's safe to say that QT is delivering us quite the present this Christmas Day.

I wasn't expecting blood to get sprayed all over cotton, but dammit, there it was. Also to be clear, there is not enough Christoph Waltz in our lives. That should be changed immediately.

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