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Trailer Park: Your First Look at Men in Black 3, Featuring Josh Brolin As Rick Perry?

Will Smith returns to the big screen on May 25, 2012, with the third installment of Men in Black. The film will be Smith's first since 2008's Seven Pounds. MIB3 has been plagued with re-shoots, going back and forth since this past April.

The MIB saga began way back in 1997, with Smith and Tommy Lee Jones teaming up as a pair of super-secret alien hunters. A sequel in 2002 didn't do anyone any favors, but we did get to see Lara Flynn Boyle in black lingerie, before she went skeletal. Men in Black II didn't even have a cool theme song, like the first one did. I even knew the whole dance from the music video for "Men in Black" and no girls liked me in freshmen year, either. Do those things have anything to do with each other?

The new trailer finds Jay and Kay still protecting the world from aliens, including an alien who appears to be street art, with those crazy metal guns. The pair is still using those old-timey vibrators to wipe the minds of those they come into contact with, too. The cast list also features SNL alum Bill Hader as Andy Warhol, which can't be too bad.

We find out in the trailer that Kay is dead, making us wonder who Jay has been cracking wise to for the past 14 years. Ooooohhhh, just like Tyler Durden! So this whole time he has just been imagining breaking an old white man's balls?

The trailer ends with Jay going back in time to meet a younger Kay, played by Josh Brolin, mimicking Jones in his youth, though he reminds us awfully a lot of a Brylcreem-addicted Governor Rick Perry.

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Craig Hlavaty
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