Trailer Talk: A Talking Raccoon and Matthew McConaughey Head to Space

This is the story of two space films coming out in the year 2014.

One is completely ridiculous, made by a director who got his start with the wild folks at Troma, whose biggest star is the voice of a talking raccoon.

The other looks much more serious, made by the director behind The Dark Knight trilogy, whose biggest star is maybe the hottest (physically and career-wise) star in Hollywood.

Other than massive budgets and the universe, these two don't really have a lot in common, but they both have new trailers, so let's talk Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar.

I really want

Guardians of the Galaxy

to be a good movie that makes a ton of money. I want Marvel to take tons of chances, and that's not going to happen if


goes bust.

It's going to be a tough sell I think, and this trailer isn't what really matters. It's not a bad trailer by any means, but I'm not entirely sold that it's a good one. We're finally getting to hear Rocket Raccoon and Groot talk, and that's good, and we're getting to see some more of the action, which is also good, but it almost feels like there's too much going on here.

Have you seen the trailer for Jupiter Ascending? It reminds me of that, except there's a talking raccoon that picks its crotch. Of course, Jupiter Ascending may also have that... nothing would surprise me from the The Wachowskis at this point.

If nothing else, I appreciate how they start things off with the faux-Inception score only to go in to some sweet classic rock for the back half of the trailer. Too bad Rocket Raccoon is only the second coolest talking animal in a movie this year. This story continues on the next page.

Have you read the script synopsis for for


yet? Don't. While this is a fine looking trailer, if the spoilers are to be believed this movie is going to some wild places that you don't want ruined and are only barely hinted at here.

I know this because I spoiled it for myself, which is a policy I instituted after watching Attack of the Clones and being beyond mad at how bad it was. And because spoilers don't really ruin anything.

Interstellar seems like it's setting up to be something special: every movie Christopher Nolan has made after a Batman flick has been way more interesting that anything involving Christian Bale's awful-voiced hero, and Matthew McConaughey can basically do no wrong at this point.

Personally, I'm just glad big imagination directors are heading to space again. Yes, I like good Earth-based sci-fi and am glad to get to watch Godzilla throw down in San Francisco and apes take over the world, but space is magic. Gravity was good, but it was basically an amusement park ride- fun, exciting, but more of a visceral thrill than anything with emotion.

While there may never be another film that quite captures the wonder of 2001 - The Fountain comes close but I may be the only person alive that feels that way - it's good to see people swinging for the fences.

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