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Tree of Life Trailer Finally Online

Last night before a screening of the unsettling and outrageous Black Swan, Art Attack witnessed the trailer for Terrence Malick's new film The Tree of Life, which was partially shot in and around Houston.

And today, Apple released the trailer online, along with the poster image at right.

As usual, there isn't much to be gleaned from Malick's impressionistic teaser. Like all his films (Tree of Life is his fifth), it's filled with gorgeous cinematography, using as much natural light as possible, and it features voice-over in poetically copious quantities.

It appears to be the story of a child raised in the '50s, Brad Pitt playing stern father to the boy who'll grow up to be a depressed and disillusioned-looking Sean Penn. And it's difficult to see how newcomer Jessica Chastain fits into the plot.

What's jarring is the unexplained outer-space imagery. There were early rumors in production of scenes with dinosaurs, but thankfully no velociraptors could be spotted in the trailer.

We also couldn't make out any specific Houston locations--and we had our eyes peeled for the MFAH's Turrell Tunnel, where Malick indeed shot footage.

(And no sighting of Art Attack's uncle Billy, who was an extra.)

No matter. It's Malick. We'd watch his footage of paint drying.

Click ahead for the Tree of Life trailer.

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