Tumblrin' Dice: Our 10 New Favorite Tumblr Sites

It's safe to say I spend more time on Tumblr now than I do on Twitter or Facebook. It's also safe to say that I see more pictures of Katy Perry half-clothed or Saved By The Bell screencaps than most any person in Houston, considering I follow 10 Perry sites and too many SBTB tribute pages. I don't like Perry's music, by the way, if you know what I mean (nudges you with elbow and stares at you blankly).

Tumblr goes by at a fantastic clip, built mostly on images from users, along with the stray written missive. A few months back I wrote about the proliferation of naked folks on Tumblr, and that hasn't changed. Screw paying for porn, just start following the right sites on Tumblr. If you can deal with Tumblr being down at least once daily that is.

Each week I must find dozens of unique and bewildering Tumblr sites, which I normally just post onto Twitter for my friends and followers. Instead of throwing these onto the Twitterverse, why can't I just collect them here weekly for everyone to see? Seriously, a site dedicated to faithfully recreating the patterns on Bill Cosby's famous sweaters is too good to keep to myself.

Fuck Yeah Spider-Man Memes

A collection of hilarious Spider-Man memes.

Hipster Animals

"It's like Richard Scarry characters went to a Grizzly Bear show."

The Cosby Sweater Project

Small renderings of the patterns on Cosby's sweaters! Cosby sweatahs!

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Craig Hlavaty
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